Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Randoms

Enjoy today's list of randoms:

1. Last night I decided it'd be a great idea to join the INSANITY and order the workout DVD's...wish me luck! I can't wait to try it and see the results! (I've been doing my research for a while now and decided that would be the best for my lifestyle. I'll blog more about that later!)

2. Last night I went against every fiber in my being and tried Mykelti out on a head halter to gain a little more control over her on our loose leash walks and heeling positions. She astounded me and took to it quite well! (For the record, I'm a flat buckle collar type person, and that is my preferred tool for my dogs. I firmly believe that a well trained dog only needs a flat buckle collar (Unless you have a bracho. dog like a Pug; they should ALWAYS wear a harness). That being said, I do believe other training aids can be beneficial in the short term, such as a proper fitting, well introduced head halter in this case. (In Mykelti's case, this will be used as a very, very temporary training aid to perfect our loose leash walks over the next two weeks before her CGC test.)

3. Susan G. Komen Foundation is NOT on this pro-lifer's nice list right now. (I'll blog more about that later...)

4. On the aforementioned note of Insanity in number one, I tried a bit of the Insanity workout that my friends had, and it was killer! (yet I surprisingly enjoyed the "torture" because it was so high energy!) I think I just might wind up liking it...

5. I hate eye doctors. As a result, I've worn my last pair of contacts way past their prime and I am currently wearing my "back up glasses" since my originals were Wal-Mart cheapies and broke...I will have to go to the eye doctor soon...yikes!

6. I'm thinking about getting my hair done again next week; it's long overdue! Maybe I'll add in a few more highlights and a good trim. I absolutely love the girl that does my hair! If you're local and need someone, let me know and I'll message you the salon's info.

7. I learned the other day that McDonald's previously used "Pink Slime" in their burgers. GROSS! Even though they're supposedly eliminating it from their ingredient list now, I still don't want to know what else is in their food. As if I need another reason to avoid fast food...ICK!

8. Current nail polish:  Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in " Pedal to the Metal" (purple silver) with Sephora by OPO's "Indi-go With the Flow" (bluish-purple glitter) as a pretty glittery top coat. Such a cute combo!

9. I'm having another MRI done today at 3:00...say a prayer for me if you read this! I'm SICK of these tests.

10. I created a Twitter account! Follow me: @LydiaNichole85

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