Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today is World Spay Day!

Today is World Spay Day! 

Unless you're a responsible, ethical breeder or you show your dog in Conformation, please be a responsible pet owner and have your furbabies spayed/neutered! As a former animal control employee, I know first hand that  having your pet altered can help cut down on the pet overpopulation and numbers at shelters, back yard breeders/puppy mills, diseases, temperament/behavioral issues, and so much more! It can also help ensure that your pet does not develop reproductive cancers and conditions that could cut short the lifespan of your beloved best friend! Please be a responsible owner! 

If you're local, the Memphis/Shelby County Humane Society offers a discount spay/neuter program for only $50! You can't beat that price! You pay the Humane Society $50 up front, and then they make and appointment and give you a voucher to take to the vet of your choice to have your pets surgery done. (you'll have a list of at about 10 to choose from.) I did this with Mykelti and couldn't be more pleased! http://www.memphishumane.org/ 

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