Saturday, February 11, 2012

A cautionary piercing tale:

This post is dedicated to any of you lovelies that like piercings. Here's a huge suggestion: If you know you're going to have an MRI, surgery, or any sort of test that requires you to remove your piercings beforehand: Go to your local tattoo shop (If you're local, I can recommend my favorites) and have your piercing changed into a plastic retainer before you have any tests done. 

I post this to hopefully save you guys a little grief. Tonight I had to go and have my Tragus fixed because my initial ear piercing had shrunk so small. I was NOT happy! 

~A little background: two weeks ago, I had to have two different MRI scans (one for my neck and one for my brain; on different days). I had to remove all of my jewelery for the scans. Since I was nervous wreck about needing the scans in the first place, a piercing retainer was the LAST thing on my mind! I was only in the first scan for about 45-50 minutes, but my Tragus had already close up so much that it was tough just to get a regular earring in until I get get the shop to put my original labret stud in. Since I knew I was going to have another MRI scan the next week, I just wore a small earring in that ear until I got the other scan over with. I figured that there was no use in getting it fixed just to take it out again. So, since my scans were over with for now, I got it fixed tonight. 

I sincerely think that having your piercing stretched is more painful than the initial piercing!

Holy FUCK cow that hurt!

So lesson learned, had I just got a clear plastic retainer in the first place, I could have prevented the need to have my piercing stretched out and saved myself a little pain!

You live and you learn my lovelies...

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