Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Fact Friday!

10 Randoms, in no particular order:

1. Hi, my name is Lydia, and I insist on decorating for every single holiday...St. Patrick's Day, yup! Already decorated for it!

2. My dogs sound like that furry thing from Star Wars, Chewbacca (I think that's it) when they play

3. I simultaneously love and hate Shaun T. from the Insanity workouts. I like to curse at him and call him every filthy thing I can think of when I work out, but afterwards, I love him!

4. I clean when I get mad...we're talkin' OCD clean my entire house top to bottom.

5. I secretly love watching, "Ice Loves CoCo". I love the way Ice T absolutely adores his wife!

6. Olay Silk whimsy body wash: zooooomg it smells insanely good! Go get you some, ladies!

7. My aunt recently introduced me to my new favorite store, Kirklands! For years I always thought it was one of those Christian book stores, so I never checked it out. (Not that I'm opposed to Christian book stores, but I just didn't see what the big hype was over it every time my family talked about the place. I was thinking, "If it's anything like Lifeway, what on earth is the big deal? You go in, you get your book and you leave, right?"...Long story short, two weeks ago my aunt took me there and I discovered that not only is it NOT a bookstore, it is my new happiest place in the world! Seriously? It's like a high-end Hobby Lobby, but even cheaper on some things! Holy Cow. I love that place!

8. I love earrings; I always feel put together and feminine with a nice pair of earrings on.

9. I'm pretty darn OCD about keeping my house spotless, but my car....yeah, no comment! (and now off to clean it!)

10. My purse probably weighs at least 40lbs...I should really empty some things out of it!

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