Thursday, February 9, 2012

Insanity: Day 1 "Fit Test"

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Today I started Day 1 of INSANITY. Day 1 is comprised of a "Fit Test". Let me just say that this "fit test" is not like anything else I've ever done! It's a damn workout in itself! BUT I mean that in a good way; you feel awesome afterwards, so it's great in my book! I plan to update this with new Fit Test results 4 more times during my first 60 days of Insanity so that I can track my results/improvements! Hopefully I make a lot of progress! 

The Fit Test is comprised of 8 different exercises. You do as many as you can for one minute each. These suckers are tough, but if I can do it, so can you! Here's my results:

1. Switch Kicks: 92
2. Power Jacks: 32
3. Power Knees: 71 (these were my favorite!)
4. Power Jumps: 23
5. Globe Jumps (four jumps = 1 rep): 6
6. Suicide Jumps: 10 
7. Push-up Jacks: 17
8. Low Plank Obliques: 25 (these are tough!)

I also realized halfway during the last exercise that I REALLY need to buy some new tennis shoes! It's been over three years since I purchased my last pair, and it definitely didn't help with they just slipped off my feet during the last exercise! There's absolutely no padding left in them whatsoever either, so I will definitely need to make a trip to the shoe store this week to resolve that! The Insanity trainer recommends cross-trainers since they offer more support than typical running shoes, so I think I will look at those this week! 

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