Monday, February 6, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness: Lets take a moment to think about what really happened this week with the Susan G. Komen Foundation

~Preface: When I originally created this post and saved it to edit, Susan G. Komen had yet to retract their statements and reconcile with Planned Parenthood.~

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Good day my lovelies! I'm going to warn you in advance that the topic below might step on a few toes. If I offend you, I'm apologize.  My intent is only to draw awareness and support for Breast Cancer screenings and testing. As we all know, Breast Cancer affects every single race, ethnicity, religious, political and economical background. Breast Cancer does not pick sides; it picks its victims with an unequivicebly savage recourse. Breast Cancer Affects Us All. Instead of being divided, we should be united in this front to help save lives. This is what the post below is all about. I hope you read the following and it stops and makes you think today. You don't have to agree with my view point or support my opinion, but at the very least, please give the topic some thought. 

(Feel free to leave a comment below with your *polite* opinions!)

Explain to me how it is that the Susan G. Komen foundation, who for years has been at the forefront of Breast Cancer screenings, fundraisers, and testing, finds no qualms, no problems, and no consequences with pulling funding and support for the preventive care and screening of Breast Cancer offered at Planned Parenthood locations. 


~Lets just preface the rest of my rant by saying that I am extremely Pro-Life.~ 
(I believe that life begins at conception and that all life is sacred and precious. That is my personal and religious conviction, and I make no apologies for it.)

That being addressed, although Planned Parenthood does preform abortions, I also recognize and have researched that they spend far more of their money, time, and work to preform other things that benefit thousands of people. Things such as: cancer screenings, pap smears (which also screen for cancer and STD's), sexual education, pregnancy testing/birth control, etc to help women who can not afford their medical care. 

Now before you go all crazy one me, please do not make the assumption that all women who use Planned Parenthood's services are "lazy and don't work" or want an abortion. This is simply not true. Take me for example (I'll be a "martyr" for this cause because I truly care about it). What about people with pre-existing conditions who can not acquire health care regardless of their work status? What about women who spend upwards of $400 a month just for health insurance coverage that STILL doesn't cover all of their medical bills...(we're talking into the thousands, folks). I'm one of them. My temporary Cobra insurance runs out in May. After that, I will likely not be able to find coverage because of my pre-existing conditions (Those conditions alone require costly medications and medical testing to keep me healthy and to keep my heart and lungs functioning) . Food for thought! Although I do not currently use Planned Parenthood for birth control, breast cancer screenings, or other medical care personally, I will likely need those discounted services in the future. I would have no qualms about seeking out those services in the future in order to stay healthy, if the situation merited. Why should I be punished for that? 

-Why should thousands of women be punished for seeking out preventive care and screenings that could be potentially life-saving? 

-Why Should Any Woman Be Punished For Being Proactive or going to the doctor if they find a lump?!

The answer is: They should not!

And the true answer behind all of the recent events and chaos is: It's all politics!

Here's a great idea: Let's take politics out of the picture, and do what's right for ALL women by keeping these life-saving screenings and preventive exams open for all of the women who need them! 

(Photo credit given to "The SCAR Project")

And if you're a man and you're reading this, I applaud you. Breast Cancer can and does affect men too. Yes, men too can develop Breast Cancer. Maybe you didn't know that before, and now you'll keep yourself informed as well. Maybe this post just might change your life...

~Stepping off of my soap box now!~

Once again, this post is not meant to offend or harm, only to enlighten and raise awareness....

~Have a good day my lovelies!~

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