Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey McDonald's, My Dogs Think Your Insulting Marketing Techniques Are Lousy!

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(Ranger,Macy, Mykelti)

As a responsible pet owner and a PROUD MOMMA to three dogs, one a beautiful Pit Bull mix, I am NOT "lovin'" McDonald's shady new marketing techniques! All evening I've been left scratching my head and wondering what on earth were these morons thinking?! The ingredients they put in their overly processed foods are dangerous enough, but now they're using shady marketing techniques that insult loving family pets in homes all across the United States. Let's take a stand and NOT support them with our business!


This is the video that has sparked all of the controversy:
This is our outcry and the disapproving response thousands of pet owners have voiced in response to McDonald's heinous advertisement: America's Bark Off To McDonald's (I had a little trouble with the links; just copy and paste them into your search engine and the entire video should show up!) 

Want to show your support for these amazingly sweet and misunderstood animals? TAKE A STAND! Call them, email them, snail mail them, whatever it takes! Let them know that it is NOT acceptable for them to use our beloved family pets in their negative, hateful advertising schemes in order to make a dirty dollar! I have already emailed them and plan to call them tomorrow as well to complain. (If I receive a response back, I will post for all to read.) I plan to boycott McDonald's until they issue an apology to all of the responsible pet owners and dogs across America. Want to do your part? Join me in taking a stand by contacting them to let them know you disapprove of their recent actions: Lets take a stand for those who do not have a voice!

Want to do even more?

Consider doing your research and seeing if your home might be a good environment for one these amazing furbabies!  If it is, go adopt your new Pit Bull and enroll in a reputable obedience facility near you so that you both get started off on the right paw! If you are unable to adopt for whatever reason, consider volunteering at your local rescue! It's amazing how much these sweet pups can benefit from a friendly volunteer's attention and walks! If you don't have the time to do either, please consider doing your research and donating to a reputable Pit Bull rescue (or other rescue of your choice). (This is where I adopted Macy from. They gave her a good home for over two years until she went to live in her forever home with me! They are one of the ONLY shelters in this area that does not automatically euthanize the Pit Bulls that walk through their doors; instead, they give them a safe place to stay and try to find them a safe forever home. Nobody wanted Macy. She was in heart failure, solid black, and a Pit Bull mix: none of those things were in her control, but all were "strikes" against her chances of finding a home. Macy patiently waited, and waited, and waited for a home. Then one day, while I was visiting to adopted a new friend for Ranger, Macy greeted me with a kiss and "adopted me"! She has been such a blessing in my life ever since that day! She always gives me kisses and snuggles. She is one of my best friends! She is a Pit Bull mix. She has stolen my heart!)

Other fantastic organizations:

Bad Rap

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue (Memphis Based!)

Villalobos Rescue Center


If you do decide to adopt a new member for your family either through a reputable rescue or responsible breeder (I use and support both, personally), PLEASE enroll them into a reputable obedience class so that you can both start out on the right paw and be a fantastic represenative for your breed! (This is also a great idea even if you have an existing pet; you'd be surprised just how smart dogs are and how capable they are of learning regardless of age/breed!) The American Kennel Club can help you find a great training facility in your area! I would also highly recommend that you work towards becoming a Canine Good Citizen through the American Kennel Club. This test helps to show that your dog is of a sound and safe temperament (It does not matter if you have a pure breed or a mix). Whatever you do, PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER! 

~Socialize your pet, Educate yourself, Be a good advocate for your breed/mix, Train diligently, and most importantly, love your pet and have fun!~
Canine Good Citizen Information

My sweet girl, takes a stand!
"Hey McDonald's, my name is, Macy. I am a rescued Pit Bull mix. I show nothing but love and affection towards everyone that I meet! I am much safer than your processed foods and your shady marketing techniques!!!" 

~UPDATE~ This is the sorry excuse for an "apology" that McDonald's issued this week in response to their add. It's pre-recorded and couldn't be more insincere! The "appology"

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